Interview with Heyun, CCO & Indie Artist
Interview with Heyun, CCO & Indie Artist

Interview with Heyun, CCO & Indie Artist

NFT is an amazing chance to earn, learn & grow within a short amount of time. Something like this is hard to happen twice.

NFTs are really shaking the art industry, and are expected to give it some more. As a project member of CypherArts, we want nothing more than to feature their stunning artwork and ensure the NFT approach is made to protect artists' copyright.

We got the chance to sit with Heyun Le, one of our first artists to join CypherArts as an Indie Artist. If there's one word to describe her art style, it would be 'Straightforward".

Take a look at all of her artworks, and you'll get my point.

How are you handling with all this hype?

"It's a bit overwhelming, but I gotta say it worths all the wait. Never have I ever think those artworks could actually become more of a hobby. Apart from the income, the recognition I've received is way more valuable."


Beside this, art was just something I do on the side

"Most of the time I spend on doing work & company projects. Sketching art is what I do outside of work to blow off some steam. It's enjoyable watching those arts gain social media attention - such as likes & comments on Instagram. But it couldn't go further. The lack of motivation created bottlenecks; it stopped me from making more.

Families and friends address me as someone who can draw, and that's it. Bringing those artworks digitally led me to a whole new world. When you read people's comments and how they are ready to pay for your work, it feels like you've spent time on the right thing. That empowers me to continue working on 'the next artwork'. The latest collection - State of Mind, took me only a week to finish all three of them. It's an incredible pace I have never been able to unlock."

NFT-based artwork paves the way for many opportunities. NFTs like these aren’t necessarily attempting to sell the art itself, but it allows Heyun to prominently feature her work and name. The artwork represents her style and reflects what she feels about the surroundings. This Throbbing Desires Collection is one of her most impressive work.

Throbbing Desires: Separated & Tamed
Throbbing Desires: Separated & Tamed

If you can meet your younger version - the one who has no idea what NFT is, what would you say?

"I'd definitely tell her to dig into blockchain knowledge. And throw herself in as much community as she can. The power of community is splendid. The adoption of blockchain can possibly pioneer a new future. The sooner you know about it, the higher chance you get to forge ahead with your growth."

Some say NFTs protect artists by ensuring their ownership. Some think it's a trap to commercialize things easier. I asked for Heyun's opinion on this. And her answer was surprisingly soothing.

"Frankly, people can literally download what they see online. But as artists, we buy more in the mental value - where we get recognized through the art style. That's how the 'ownership' really works.

The NFT mechanism helps prove and verify an artist's ownership through smart contracts, and some NFT marketplaces prevent users from downloading artwork in image format. That ensures the security layer.

But I think the most significant value of all these things is how artists recognize their work value through respect. That means more than just simply upload them on the personal social media."

Heyun's Artwork: Ring
Heyun's Artwork: Ring

Do you think investing and commercializing crypto art can change the real meaning of art - which has been referred as romance & emotion?

"Arts mean something to people who create it, despite the odds. Those values go beyond the format limit - whether it stays physical or digital. Commercialize things generates effects. In fact, I do realize it starts to affect how I make the artwork. Arts are made on what we feel and see about life. So let's say, when money is a part of it, it changes how we make art. The point is whether artists can keep those effects happen positive. It's positive when you turn it into motivation. It's only negative once you don't.

I'll take romance and emotion as happiness values. And IMHO, I think it's defined by each one of us. For some people, it can be a killing income. For others, happiness is when their work receives recognition. Happiness lies in all of that. The fact that commercializing artworks can serve either one or both of it - makes me believe the effect happens in a good way."

But does that mean NFT has no dark side?

"No. On the other hand, NFT-based artwork generates a disparity in artwork value. Personally, I won't reckon an NFT artwork through its artistic aspect. There are still mediocre drawings that obtain questionable profit. It somehow reveals a downgrade in artwork value for real artists."

Will NFT pave a new lifeline for artists?

"NFT did open a new line for currency circulation. Especially during this pandemic, when physical goods face trading hurdles, creating and selling things digitally is really a life savior.

NFT is a fantastic chance to earn, learn, & grow within a short amount of time. Something like this is hard to happen twice. However, depending too much on NFT for a lifelong career sounds unreal. It's a new trend, and we must prepare ourselves that this hype can end at any time. It's best to hang on to and make the most out of it, layer another foundation for our future growth."

We closed up the call within 15'. But looking back, I've felt like it took us more than hours. Heyun's journey with NFT has just begun, and it's foreseeable to be more successful. Her latest collection - Heyun's Little Nightmare- has just launched.

"I honestly feel lucky knowing the people I'm working with. Working alongside them helps me adopting this whole blockchain thing in the most effective & practical way. Many of my friends are artists, too, but little did they know there's such a platform where your passion can receive another level of highlights. Technology is changing the way we work. It's a big gap if you can't keep up with them. From what I see, Vietnamese social behaviors usually take place on Facebook, but I strongly recommend them to take a dip into Twitter - It's a place you won't regret to enter.", said Heyun.

One of the highlights Heyun gets from publishing these artworks is the connection. Once an artwork is finished, Heyun communicates it out using Twitter. The #NFTCommunity hashtag really took off on the platform. It drives people's attention, brings them closer through a share of concerns, and features artists with the highlights they deserve.


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