Cypher Arts Collectiblés FAQ

How Cypher Arts Works

The goal of Cypher Arts is to help artist to navigate the NFT crypto world. Cypher Arts platform function as a gallery, art agency & artist portfolio for artist to boost their internet exposure.

With your full consent, Cypher Arts takes the privilege to display and promote your artwork on popular NFT platforms. We embrace the ownership spirit. Every featured artwork is ensured to have your personal credential.

In short, we help indie artists grow and earn from their passion.

Why CypherArts

Because you deserve more public highlight than just likes & comments. Earning from your passion is a new level of satisfaction. It's when you know time was spent on meaningful work.

Our Partners

You indie artists, obviously. We're still on the way to expand our network with indie communities. If you happen to have any good fit in mind, please help to connect. We appreciate all the support.

Apart from the creative wizards, we're glad to work with trending NFT marketplaces. Currently, the featured artworks of CypherArts is on ZooPet, OpenSea, Paint Swap and Artion.

The Journey

We'll make art selling easier for you. The model serves 03 categories

  • Art Gallery: With your authorization, the artwork will be showcased on with connected link to your current marketplace. Meanwhile, we promptly promote your work on different social channels under our supervision.
  • Portfolio Builder: We help artist tell their stories. We build artist profile and provide interviews where people know about you as a person & your journey to the arts.
  • Featured Artist: We hope you reach this step. That means we get to create cool things together. Featured Artists will be protected with copyright law which is stated clearly in our Licensing Agreement. We say no to fraud and plagiarism.

How to Submit

Drop us an email at

Or join us to know more on the community. We're actively available on Twitter & Discord


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