Interview with Title, Thailand NFT Artist behind Title Gaothai
Interview with Title, Thailand NFT Artist behind Title Gaothai

Interview with Title, Thailand NFT Artist behind Title Gaothai

Meet Title and hear his sharing on how NFT opens a door for artists to express themselves. Sometimes, the place we live may cause our dreams to disappear - and with Title, his artist dream was reignited thanks to this digital world of arts.

His Foundation bio "Using the 'basic' element to create something special for other collectors." confused me, and I assumed his artwork must be a collaboration with other artists. But the idea was a totally different thing.

Title was convinced that everything is built around The basic element. That's how he applies it in every work he has in the NFT journey. Unlike the spirit they're pursuing these days, Title crafts his artwork simply to tell the hidden aspects around us.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself

"I started to make art in high school. I dreamt of being an artist, but in Thailand, arts aren't supported by the government. So "artist" isn't a word I use to introduce myself as. I mainly draw in my free time, and every art begins with a concept to tell its story.

Stepping in NFT 3 months ago, I think NFT provides more than just a space to show my concept, artwork, and vision in art. It's a place for artists to start out their careers."

His artworks were mainly made from red, black and white. It feels elegant just by looking at it. Every art piece comes with a concise description. And it all revolves around the basic concept. I couldn't hold my curiosity.

"I decide "basic" as the main keyword in my artwork. That primary element is more important than everything in this world. Every skill and every work just started from its primary foundation. And it hits me: "Why can't basic just by itself?". People shouldn't judge something just because it stands on the beginner level. The basic is the groundwork for everything around us.

So I think I can surprise everyone just by using that. Using that element is how I can make an impression when you look at my artwork for the first time. It's a signature. You'll know it's a GaoThai artwork."

GaoThai's full artwork is now available on OpenSea:

whale hunter
whale hunter
Key maker
Key maker
Gaothai x Jellow Octopus
Gaothai x Jellow Octopus

Your most proud artwork and why?

"It's a question and a statement in one sentence. It's called "Copyright or copy-right." It reveals the deepest dark corner in the NFT world - the ownership. NFT brings a good chance for people to monetize - that's why many scammers stole artists' artwork and put it on the marketplace for monetization.

Of course, it all started with the main elements. Skull. Fisherman. Thief. And sand watch. Skull and fisherman describe artists who use their minds to create ideas. You can see in the artwork, the fisherman gets his fish from his head, but only one or two good fish stays in the box to sell. His intention was never to sell them all.

Meanwhile, a thief is breaking holes in his head (or maybe the teeth - this depends on the art audience) to steal the fish. The fisherman spends his all-day time creating something unique, while the thief spends none.

I think this artwork is a decent example of copyright issues, revealing the unfairness artists face in their careers as art creators."


Are there any NFT lessons learned you'd like to share?

"NFT is the ocean where you must keep your style. Your identity. And keep holding on it. Because if you lose track, you will lose your authenticity - You will lose your soul to create new things.

For some people in this ocean, you may consider yourself a little fish and wait for some fisherman to bring you a new home. That's the case ff you want to monetize from NFT. Please don't change your mind, because there's nothing wrong with that. But it will be more meaningful when you think of NFT as your art gallery - and you are the owner. When you take action to polish that gallery, it brings good things back to you."

I was surprised by the time I recited his word. Title is an exceptional artist - from my point of view. While many NFT artists out there are working head over heels to get the most material values from this phenomenon, Title puts his focus on emphasizing the key importance of art - the nature of creativity.

What do you think is the real value that NFT brings to artists?

"I'd rather call NFT an "artist-world" instead of a marketplace. NFT world doesn't just support artists by the money from sold artwork. NFT world supports their soul too.

I think NFT opens a door that allows artists to express themselves. To show their art to the world. Sometimes, the place we live may cause our dreams to disappear. Many talented artists I know in Thailand were saved, supported, and promoted thanks to NFT. Our dreams were reignited, and we're thankful for it."

Do you plan on making any collections ahead?

"You are what you eat" is my latest drop. The idea forms around the concept of learning. Learning isn't about copying. The knowledge is only 'yours' when you work and invest in it. It's made from everything you do. Skills. Concept. Habits. Bring all of that into your style. For conceptual art, "You are what you eat" is a promising work to look forward to."

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