Interview with Jellow, NFT Artist of Jellow Octopus Collection
Interview with Jellow, NFT Artist of Jellow Octopus Collection

Interview with Jellow, NFT Artist of Jellow Octopus Collection

Jellow Octopus has the vibe that comes when you step into a candy store. Its color, its concept, and even its design. I assume it must be created by a young soul. Talking with Jellow that day was an actual confirmation.

He enjoys being called Jellow as well, so that's what I'll address him afterwards. Jellow is a Thailand artist with a background in photography before immersing himself in this NFT art industry.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

"Before the pandemic, I was a full-time photographer - and I decided to explore more on NFT, not only for the artwork design. This industry serves variant categories of digital art. I'd figure it might help in the long run.

I graduated as an architect in product design. After graduation, I've worked in a design firm for likely 8 years. I love to draw as a hobby, but I never got a chance to work on it as a job."

What forms the Jellow?

"Jellow Octopus is a collection I created 6 years ago. It was firstly for my Facebook page. The idea was only to make more animation based on the Jellow theme. I wanted to tell a story. I'm down for unique character and colorful art.

Life was boring while you had a daily job and did the same thing over and over again. People might get stressed with their own situation. So when I had the chance to create some characters, I tried to imply cuteness into them.


I want it to be happy and express joy to others - Characters that can do silly stuff that I can't do in real life. The name Jellow was a mix of jelly and yellow. It bounces and lights up the day with its color."

What was the idea behind the Jellow Octopus collection?

"Firstly, I love octopuses. It's obviously a weird creature. You may look at it as a cute one, and 1 second later, it turns creepy. The shape of the octopus gives many perspectives that you can play with your creativity.

Second, the yellow color. It lights up your day. Then I want it to be funny and reflect the bouncing part, so here comes the chubby trait.

And last, the emotion. I'm a cat person. I want something that looks cute, but it must depict a deeper thought inside. A cat might act and look pretty - but you can't guess what's inside its head. Their inner self might be planning something - like the genius mouse in Pinky and the Brain. So I started applying it on the Jellow and ran with it."

Currently, the whole collection is featured on OpenSea.


Was it easy to start?

"It was a struggle at first. Like, very. The crypto wasn't easy to pick up, and I wasn't a trader. Everything is new and strange. I kept telling myself to run and grind. So the mindset of 'Keep the Jellow running' appeared. When a potential holder wants, they can say the Jellow 'runs into their wallet'.

As artists, we want to create art. The market pushes us to create more. Meanwhile, we have to figure out how to sell them too. It's tough to find a balance point between drawing art that matches your style and making it marketable.

This might sound cliche, but just believe in yourself and go with the guts. Stay patient too. There's no instant successful recipe. We have our own journey. For new starters, equip yourself with the understanding of all wallet stuff; how minting and listing work. I do recommend hardware wallets if you want to go for this seriously.

And it's always better with community, so find them - starting with your local one."

Artists create art out of passion. They want to do it. But rarely do they know how to keep the concept going further and make things connected. Jellow Octopus is one of the collection that truly has the idea behind & continue to build on it. Besides Jellow Octopus, his Jellow Fellow & Jellow Octo-MAN were also parts of the Jellow World. There was a concept behind those happy yellow creatures.


"When you have an idea in your head and can't tell anyone, making art is a solution. I want to create something out of my thought.

They all belong in Jellow World. I started this with a storyline. It's a big canvas with many Jellows and contains the story of the Jellow World. I still keep it on foundation/jellowoctopus.

Jellow World has its own civilization and lifestyle, its generation, and ecosystem. The plan is expanding. I kinda crafted Jellow World as a secret collection. It feels weird to bring people artwork, and that's just it. I honestly want to be taken as a guy with a decent plan. So I focus on Jellow Octopus. And when I roll out Jellow Fellow and Jellow Octo-MAN, I can be proud to say it's all connected."

Each collection has its unique trait, yet they connect through Jellow's art style in the octopus shape. During the talk, I somehow asked if he was an introvert. His desire to express the ideas through art, his mindset on well-wrap all the things before rolling out. We came to a conclusion - Ambivert is the right term. And we both agree that the NFT art industry has done one shiny thing for artists out there: We can have time to be in our space and express that to the people who share the same interest: The beauty of Art.

"I think as art creators, we don't have much company. We tend to spend time for ourselves. When the NFT market becomes a thing, Twitter is a supportive platform for us. I think it's a comfy area for talking to strangers, discovering new art tase, and then stepping back to work on our things.

That kind of feeling is new for me. I usually don't get vibes or motivation from strangers. Idk them in real life. I created art a long time ago, but I never got the chance to talk about it with people who care. This NFT trend really brings us together. There's a hall room for us to gather, and we can still maintain our inner zone."

Do you have any upcoming drop?

"The first wave of Jellow Octopus describes them doing daily stuff. And I'm working on the next one, which maintains the same shape with a different style. The Jellow theme expands to the next level over time.

I feel excited this time. Not only do I get to explore and create new traits, but this collection is also a collab with other artists.

Also, some Jellows are lining up for my Halloween - The season is coming! I think when artists make their art in the event theme, they're forced with the timeline. Make it fast for the market and wait for it to sell out before the next event comes. Takes a lot of harder work and is kinda stressful at some point, I think. Making the Halloween Edition is more challenging compared to the animated version I have now. So much work, but the final output is promising."


Unlike many individual artists, Jellow has himself a Discord channel for the Jellow community. It usually takes a team to maintain the server, talk with people, keep them posted and stay interactive. I was curious.

"When I challenged myself on one of the collections, I ran out of ideas. That's when I reached out for the energy from my Twitter community and other artists. Their support is the reason that keeps me going. So I asked if they could help me finish the thing.

And you know what? There were about 70 artists who joined and left their work to help me out. You may see the little characters that come from a different universe. Their remark in the OctoWorld makes the whole thing completed. And that's the best part. When you look back at the moment, there were people who believed and be there for you.

The Jellow community was built around this. Even some artists have never drawn characters before; they tried to help and cheer me up. By having their suggested idea on my artwork, I think they have been a part of my journey. Though the project belongs to me, I couldn't finish it without them. Because I'm glad to have them with me."

You can join his journey with the Octopus through Discord, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook. Regardless of the platform, I guarantee Jellow will be a great one to chat with. Speaking from experience.

The Portal - A collab work of Jellow World between Jellow and his artists fellow.
The Portal - A collab work of Jellow World between Jellow and his artists fellow.


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