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As portfolio builder, gallery & art agency, we simply want to honor the artist's artwork.

Cypher Arts bridges the gap between artists & collectors, surpasses the physical and digital status.

The adoption of blockchain and NFT art is emerging. That waves the creativity and moves people to greater opportunities to shine. With all that hype, the real value of art may inevitably get lost in the big ocean.

We all heard about how Van Gogh implied his mental illness into every piece of art. Or how Hemingways breathes his solitude struggle through the pages. Deep implications happen when people are at the right time and the right place.

That's why we're here - to create a zone where artists can showcase their artistry, talk about their journey, not only as art-creators but also as humans. And people who value their unique traits can actually join a part in the process.

Because artists deserve a greater light.

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